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Theodore Hershberg Ph.D.

Theodore Hershberg is a Professor of Public Policy and History and the Director of the Center for Greater Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught since 1967. He served as Assistant to the Mayor (Philadelphia) for Strategic Planning and Policy Development during a leave from Penn (1984-85). He was Acting Dean of Penn's School of Public and Urban Policy, holds M. A. and Ph.D. degrees in American History from Stanford University and studied sociology at Columbia University as a Social Science Research Council Fellow.


Ted Hershberg: A Case for Regional Cooperation.
Keynote Address at a special regional luncheon convened by Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim and the Hampton Roads Partnership.

clip 1: The Global Economy
clip 2: Regional Cooperation
clip 3: The Economy
clip 4: Conclusion

Presentation to the Idaho Education Association, February 5, 2005.

Idaho Education Association

Boise, Idaho
February 5, 2005

Ted Hershberg
Director, Operation Public Education
Professor, Public Policy and History
University of Pennsylvania


clip 1: America’s schools then and now (Part 1)
clip 2: America’s schools then and now (Part 2)
clip 3: The Value-added philosophy
clip 4: Value-added outcomes
clip 5: What is a successful school?
clip 6: Value-added data
clip 7: The importance of effective instruction (Part 1)
clip 8: The importance of effective instruction (Part 2)
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