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Operation Public Education
New Systems of Assessment and Accountability to Transform America's Schools.

A Grand Bargain for Education Reform
OPE has developed a unique online resource for district officials, state policy makers, and education reformers. The site accompanies A Grand Bargain for Education Reform: New Rewards and Supports for New Accountability (Harvard Education Press: August, 2009) and is part of OPE's effort to assist policy makers and practitioners interested in implementing comprehensive school reform. A Grand Bargain offers a simple but powerful quid pro quo: carefully targeted investment in return for fundamental education reform. This site is designed to provide policymakers and practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to sustain fundamental change. More...

Value-Added Assessment
By isolating the impact of teaching on student learning, value-added assessment is a fair and accurate way to separate the annual academic performance of students from factors over which schools have no control. Value-added assessment gives educators a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring the effect of curricula, professional development and pedagogy on academic achievement. It also proves a solid foundation upon which to build a new system of accountability.

Value-added measures individual student progress over time, rather than group progress as is the case with No Child Left Behind, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and other assessment and accountability systems. Value-added has been adopted for use statewide in Pennsylvania and Ohio and is being used in over 300 school districts across the nation. More...

OPE Comprehensive Reform Model
OPE has developed a new and comprehensive approach to accountability that draws on successful reform models from across the nation. The system is characterized by new forms of evaluation and compensation, peer review, more fluid career opportunities, expanded professional development and capacity building for all educators along with mandatory remediation for ineffective teachers and administrators.

The core of this unique system is that it provides a means to hold teachers and administrators accountable as individuals for student learning results. In return for accepting this measure of accountability, teachers would share in all curricular and professional development decisions affecting classrooms. More...

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New Testing Regime
While the standards movement has had a major impact on reform, state assessments have been largely unaffected. OPE is developing a new, comprehensive approach to assessment through the creation of a model Request for Proposals (RFP) that states and districts may adopt. This model will establish the criteria for both an end-of-the-year test and an integrated testing system for use at four-to-six week intervals throughout the year to help students meet specific standards. More...

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