The Center for Greater Philadelphia (CGP) is a unique, applied public policy unit of the University of Pennsylvania. CGP's mission is to promote regional cooperation among the public and private sectors in the Greater Philadelphia region, playing the roles of neutral, third-party convener, grassroots organizer, and objective public policy analyst. More...

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Combining over 30 years of scholarly research with a dynamic and energetic speaking style, Theodore Hershberg, Professor of Public Policy and History and Director of the Center for Greater Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, is a nationally recognized presenter. Dr. Hershberg has engaged audiences in over 80 cities on topics ranging from: Regional Cooperation, Strategies for Global Competitiveness, Urban Reform, Human Capital Development and most recently on education reforms for the 21st century.

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New Systems of Assessment and Accountability to Transform America's Schools
Operation Public Education, an education reform initiative based at the University of Pennsylvania, has developed a comprehensive set of reforms to improve the performance of public schools and ensure that all our nation's children have the opportunity to achieve at high levels.

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